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Personal Injury

Bradshaw Legal understand that any accident which results in personal injury can be a traumatic experience, and that making a claim can often seem daunting.

Bradshaw Legal understand that any accident which results in personal injury can be a traumatic experience, and that making a claim can often seem daunting. Personal injury claims are often complex and encompass a broad range of different types of injury. Bradshaw Legal deal with cases involving all types of personal injury. These include road traffic accidents, accidents at work, accidents that happen in public place and criminal injuries compensation. To find out if you are able to make a claim for personal injury compensation, please contact us free of charge to discuss your case.

Road Traffic Accident

Bradshaw Legal deal with every aspect of Road Traffic Accident claims, including claims for drivers, passengers, infants, cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians.

We have a dedicated team to deal with every type of claim, from relatively low value claims valued at several hundred pounds up to serious and catastrophic injury claims. We also have in depth knowledge and experience of dealing with claims where there are allegations of fraud; dishonesty, or where there are technical policy or indemnity disputes.

If you require assistance with a road traffic accident claim then please contact us direct to see how we can be of assistance to you. Our Lawyers are all highly experienced and trained specialists working in a dynamic team environment which enables them to make good decisions quickly and with confidence.

In addition to pursing a personal injury claim we can assist with recovering any uninsured losses such as an insurance policy excess, lost earnings or treatment charges. In addition, where appropriate we can arrange for your vehicle to be inspected and repaired, and for a replacement vehicle to be provided via one of our commercial partners.

Accident at Work

Employers have a duty to take reasonable care of their employees' health and safety when they are at work. This duty or care is imposed by the Courts, by statutes and other regulations. Some of the areas where employers may become liable for a personal injury include but not exclusively:

  • - Failing to provide a safe system of work
  • - Failing to provide a safe place of work
  • - Failing to provide suitable equipment or machinery
  • - Failing to employ competent members of staff, or
  • - Failing to provide adequate training

Claims arising out of accidents at work can be very technical and emotionally challenging. Often people may be reluctant or nervous to bring a claim against their employer particularly when the conflict with the employer can lead to employment issues, arguments in respect of pay and threats of dismissal.

Bradshaw Legal have an excellent track record in personal injury claims arising out of accidents at work and we work hard on behalf of our clients to achieve the best possible outcome for our injured clients. We work closely with our clients and their families and are sensitive to the emotional nature of bringing claims against employers.

Accident in a Public Place

Local authorities and private organisations are under a duty to keep their facilities and premises safe and free from risk of injury. Even so accidents in public places still occur resulting in people suffering a personal injury. Bradshaw Legal have experience in dealing with claims arising in a public place including, trips and slips outdoors due to dangerous pavements, steps in disrepair, potholes, tree roots, defects upon the highway or within car parks; together with slips and trips inside premises such supermarkets, shopping centres or restaurants.

To bring a successful claim for an accident in a public place then it will be necessary to demonstrate that the owner or occupier where the accident happened was responsible for your injuries. Often the evidence required to demonstrate this will not be available due to the danger being repaired following and accident. If you have suffered a personal injury in a public place then we would invite you to contact us as soon as possible to discuss whether we would be able to be of assistance under the terms of a No Win No Fee arrangement.

Criminal Injuries Compensation

The victims of a violent crime who have suffered injuries are able to apply for compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority otherwise known as the CICA and the current CICA Scheme came into force on the 27th November 2012. The current CICA scheme applies to all applications made on or after that date.

There are a number of criteria that must be satisfied in order for an application for compensation to be successful for example the injury must be serious enough to qualify for an award of at least £1000. Further the injury must result have occurred in England, Scotland or Wales. Applications must be made to the CICA within two years of the incident.

The CICA can refuse or reduce an award for a variety of reasons including the victim's behaviour before, during or after the incident; if they have a criminal record of their own; if they have failed to co-operate with the police; or if there was a delay in informing the police of the assault.

Victims of violent crimes can pursue their own CICA applications however the process can be quite onerous there are a number of advantages to instructing a Solicitor to act on your behalf in connection with CICA applications. Bradshaw Legal have a number of years experience in pursing CICA claims on behalf of clients and have been successful on numerous occasions where the initial application has been refused by the CICA, pursuing many claims to the Appeals Tribunal.

If you or your loved one has been the victim of a violent crime then Bradshaw Legal maybe able to be of assistance in pursuing a CICA claim often on a No Win No fee basis and would therefore invite you to contact us to see whether we can be of assistance.

Clinical Negligence

Professional Negligence refers to negligence arising within a professional sphere such as the activities of accountants, lawyers, surveyors and architects. It also can include doctors and other related medical professionals, albeit that is often referred to as Clinical or Medical Negligence. It is often difficult to bring a successful action in this context however Bradshaw Legal have a wealth of experience in this niche field and are able to provide you with advice and assistance if you have suffered as a result of medical advice, or treatment that you have received then you may be entitled to compensation.

If you have received medical, cosmetic or dental treatment that has gone wrong, was performed incorrectly or was not needed then you may be entitled to compensation in Clinical Negligence.

Bradshaw Legal has a dedicated team of Clinical Negligence Lawyers and maybe able to assist you or your loved ones, however minor or serious your complaint and as such we would invite you to contact us to discuss how we could be of assistance.