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French Legal Services

Bradshaw Legal have highly experienced English Solicitors that are able to meet with you personally in France and advise and assist upon matters of English Law.

French Legal Services

Bradshaw Legal understand that when you need legal assistance it can be a daunting experience. For those living abroad the situation can be much worse, with the uncertainty of not knowing whether to instruct an English Solicitor, or a lawyer based in the country where you reside. You may also be concerned about what the additional costs of liaising with a lawyer abroad will be and how you will communicate with them.

Bradshaw Legal are committed to doing the very best for our clients located in France. We are highly skilled, friendly, practical, and discreet and are able to bring our combined experience to you personally in France.

Our French legal services include:

  • - Divorce
  • - Financial arrangements
  • - Consent Orders; and
  • - Child Proceedings

There are many different ways to resolve legal issues, and our team will work with you on a tailored strategy to meet your specific needs. We understand that every client and case is unique, and therefore a one-size-fits-all strategy does not work.

We will endeavour to achieve the optimum results for you. This is not necessarily achieved in Court, and we encourage out of Court negotiations where possible, in order to achieve a cost effective and amicable resolution. However, we appreciate that Court involvement cannot always be avoided and should this be the case we will guide you through the process and assist you at each and every stage. Should your legal problem have cross jurisdictional issues or require a French Lawyer then we also have links with many professionals throughout France including lawyers both notaries and avocats.


If you require legal assistance you might be worried about the costs you'll face. Bradshaw Legal where possible will offer you a fixed fee or alternatively an hourly rate agreed upon in advance of us undertaking any work on your behalf, in addition to any information regarding Court fees that maybe payable or Barristers charges should it be necessary to instruct one. In this way our clients are fully aware of the anticipated costs of the matter to be pursued and what work is to be undertaken for the price provided and agreed upon.

Should it be required, we meet clients at a venue and time that is convenient to them. Without the expensive overhead of a traditional office and utilising our bespoke IT and communication systems we offer a dynamic and flexible service. As our English Solicitors are based in France, we will not incur any additional travelling charges that in turn would ordinarily be passed onto the clients. Our clients in France therefore benefit from this saving.

If you reside in France and require the assistance of an English Solicitor on a matter of English Law then please contact us in confidence for a no obligation discussion of how we may be able to assist you.

*Bradshaw Legal are a firm of English Solicitors authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and are only able to offer advice and assistance in connection with matters of English Law.

For more information please call 01204 216 401 or emails info@bradshaw-legal.co.uk.